Crysis 3000 Barrels video
This video gives us 4 minutes of insanity from Sampling666 using the Crysis engine and its physics to have alot of fun with 3000 red barrels. Apart from the entertainment, this vid hints at the potential of engines like this to explore all manner of more real-world-ish ideas or problems. I am certainly looking forward to having a serious play with CryEngine2 and Sandbox2.

Crysis Exploding Vehicles
Yes, why stop at barrels, ExpandableAsset84 brings us huge piles of exploding vehicles in his video: Crysis Mass Explosions. They are quite artistic actually in a destructive, fireworks kinda way – very nice patterns and the rendering is simply awesome!!!
Oh and this one has a few nice bits in it as well 🙂

NVIDIA SLI goes to 3
The SLI technology that has been around for a little while now allowing us to fire up two of NVIDIA’s GPUs to great effect has just been expanded to give us 3. We have just got SLIx2 on laptops now, this sets the bar up et another notch, in the last year or so the bar has been flying up. The article on Digital Media World covering the advance gives us some terrifying stats on how much grunt will be coursing through our machines in this config. Whenever you see things like 110+ gigatexel per second fill rates you either fall off a chair or swear loudly.
NVIDIA’s site covers this new advance with much fanfare of course, particularly since it is such a beast gaming rig advance.

GMod Console
In helping Russ with some work in GMod I had a play with some of the console commands. Though npc_destroy seemed to not work at first, after reloading the map and testing all manner of things in both GMod and HL2 it started to work fine for slaughtering antlions with the commands below:
~ ………………….. to get into the console as normal
sv_cheats 1 …………. this seems to be necessary
developer 1 …………. this may not help, but I was using it anyhow
npc_destroy npc_antlion . this is the command that should work – and now does

npc_destroy_unselected .. this is very violent
npc_kill npc_antlion …. this leaves the corpses instead
impulse 106 …………. this reveals the names