With the nightly patch scheduled right at prime gaming time – this perhaps more than any other factor might kill this game as a viable source of fun. It is all hard going actually and looks to have enough depth to keep one learning for a long time. I feel alot like I did all those years ago when I was playing the original Everquest and the whole notion of an online persistent world was new, wild and unknown. It is also interesting that you get the 3 character slots but only one can be ‘training’ at a time…

Team Fortress 2
There is a great little article on Team Fortress 2 by Paul Hellard on CGSociety. The article covers some of the design (and re-design) that was done to deliver the look that we now love so much. The little short clips of the characters are gems, I last covered TF2 and the vids back on Day291.

Web Sliding News
In looking for some web pages which use cycling news items in limited space I have found these (amongst many) that could be used as examples: