I have been enjoying the Crysis game itself, there is plenty of gameplay variety much like HL2. We get to charge around in zero-G, fly a v-tol jet, man the gun in a hummer, fight humans and aliens alike. The game does a decent job of oscillating between more open free-form objectives, to more linear sections which merge nicely into cut scenes. HL2 and Crysis do a great job of using the firepower of their engine to create cut-scenes integrated into the gameplay.

Following my sortie into deviantART yesterday I came across another artist of merit (of many many) Stanley Lau. Check out his gallery, there are way too many to represent his work fairly here, but he has a certain style that appeals to my eye.
He has the cover of Imagine Prime from Imaginary Friends Studios and well deserves it.

[a few images from Stanley Lau from his deviantART gallery]

I couldnt resist the 14 free days trial of EVE and signed up and started that juicy download. I decided I would fire it up on the Mac (yep Mac OS version) just to get some gaming under OSX going. Oh and this keeps me well clear of that nasty windows patch 🙂

The trailers are really inspiring, I just love what they did here. I really have to try my hand at trailers and more video, it is great to see it done well (love the music – really love it). Below are an older one and then the Trinity expansion trailer, plus there are plenty more clips out there on Youtube for us all and the EVE site has higher quality versions as well – esp good for the audio.

Some other vids worth checking: Descriptive Movie, A Goonfleet one, Revelations I and Revelations II.
I will cover this baby in days to come.