Bugeye Sketches
My book is filling up with all manner of wild west related sketches of various types. My old friend Bugeye has returned as well and looks the part with his western hat on. One thing is for sure, I really need some life drawing classes to get a better sense of mass, proportion, musculature and bones. So indeed it is my sketches that deviate further from natural anatomy that seem to work best. I did do a sketch based off a tracing from my Manga Mania Fanstasy Worlds book, she looks good converted to a cowgirl.

I have been playing with western flavoured elves and I even did a wild west frog, thinking some kid of oinkfrog could work. It is the Bugyeye sketches that are invoking a little more interest though and it is like having an old friend back.

Here are 2 of the sketches scanned in and then quickly coloured using photoshop and my trusty old wacom tablet.

[Western Bugeye sketch and quick colour treatment, mkI, plus another sketch]

Harvey Tolibao
In looking around at western related sketches on the net I stumbled across the work of Harvey Tolibao. He has done a good range of covers for comics and pages for titles like Star Wars. His Glass House Graphics site has plenty of sketchwork to admire and his presence on deviantART has even more to inspire.
Here are a few of those super sketches – I may even colour one in the next few days…

[sketches by Harvey Tolibao from his site]