Nasty EVE Patch
This was the topic of much fun today in discussions, in fact the current Trinity patch and its deletion of peoples boot.ini file would have to be one of the absolute worst patches of all time. Info abounds on plenty of sites incl slashdot.

Feign Death vs Moose
This story on Razorwire/Warcry tells of a boy who used his experience in using his WoW hunter’s feign death ability to escape an aggressive moose. Yep, it does start you thinking doesnt it.

Activision & Blizzard Merger
Occasionally we see big companies come together like HP and Compaq rather than the normal big fish gulping up the smaller ones. Here we have a $19bn (US I assume) merger between two giants in gaming – who knows what it will mean for us – but the scale is fun to admire.

WoW XPS1730
While we wait patiently for our XPS1730’s to arrive I see (via the Kotaku site) that Dell have teamed up with Blizzard to make a WoW themed version. Apart from a bundle of extra goodies the case is actually Horde or Alliance styled – neato.

[image of the WoW styles Dell XPS1730 from the Kotaku site]

Yes, it has become somewhat the poster-boy for long wait times. But if EA & Will Wright are to be believed then it could well be here in Spring (US) 2008. Apart from the official Spore site, there are plenty of others (like xspore) documenting our wait for this one which is sitting pretty as the most anticipated game for 2008.

The 2007 Trailer (embedded below) is a good little reminder of why we are waiting: