After checking out Sketchup with the Connexion controller I also found out about the Physics Add-on. This takes Sketchup to another level of capability and could allow a bunch of designers to do things with software that was the domain of either high-end applications or game engines really. SketchyPhysics is still a little new, so there arent too many quality examples yet.
Check out this compilation video to see what people have been doing with it thus far:

But it doesnt stop there – Rocketsblazed2thesky created the video below where we get Star Wars, Sketchup and some SketchyPhysics pulled together into an artier piece. Just look at all those droids…

Plus there are plenty of other videos on Youtube that show what can be done with this unassuming little piece of software. Like the Coop Himmelblau-Falkestrasse Model from

I am sure I have come across the IMAGETP folk a few times now in relation to their usage of the CryEngine 2 for Architectural and Urban Modelling. Their promo video (showreel really) demonstrates their capability with the tool which they have obvously been working with for some time. It is great to see some animated vision of things I had only seen in stills until now.

Jean-Baptiste Reynes from IMAGETP presented their work and process at the VIEW Conference on Nov 7th.

Speaking of Crysis, apart from showing its wonders to a few more people today. I played through the zero-G part of the mountain and along with some marine re-enforcements we are taking on the alien dudes heading down the mountain.