Unreal Editor 3 Video Tutes
I have finished vid5, which concluded the creation of the initial 2 room level. Things are working very much like UT2004 really – apart from the mesh quality it seems to operate with the same logic all round.

It is excellent that Epic have included these with the game. It will make level building and modding far more approachable and the engine an easier pickup for students and new-comers.

Blogger Image Issues
Over the last 3 days now pages created in Blogger with images have been incorrectly building the code that would open a larger version of an uploaded image from its respective thumbnail. I thought it was some craziness at my end with photoshop or something, but after narrowing the problem down to blogger – they have it on their Known Issues page. Tom’s reply on the Blogger Google Group has the same solution, to edit the generated code to reflect how things were prior to Friday.

This is obviously frustrating – but at least we have a workaround until things are fixed.

I have been having fun doing hand-sketches of various things, tv-genre-people, wild west elves and vampires and even an amoeba dude. These are all fun ideas that really should have legs to go further.

Others have gone down this road of merging strange things like elves and the wild west. I really loved the Deadlands roleplaying game and world (Wikipedia Deadlands link). The Bootmaker and the Elves by Susan Lowell and Tom Curry takes an old story with its elves and throws it into the wild west.

[pic of this little books cover]