Russ Lecture
I sat in on one of Russell Lowe’s lectures for his Architecture students. He gave us a fun journey through a set of concepts around their studio project and ideas like Action, Interaction, Reaction, and more. Russ has amassed a fun little rogues gallery of short videos that demonstrate various points or that engage with ideas he wants his students to think more deeply on. It was a fun way to do a lecture, a series of disjointed clips, each bringing something to bear on the topic and hinting at ways of approaching architectural design issues.

Many of the examples were ads of various types and it does show how clever that industry can be – indeed there were too many examples to list. The NASCAR Fox advert is quite stunning in its visual treatment, excels in its timing and brings 3D to a nice meeting with 2D.

Another good example for him would have been the transport sequence from Robots – love that bit! It is in the vain of the work of Rube Goldberg 1 and his zany contraptions. Not to mention now famous adverts like the one from Honda 2 where pieces of their Accord work like super-high-tech dominoes in a series actions like a dance or physics narrative.

[Honda commercial 2]

[Robots Crosstown Express sequence 3]

Animatic Work
I am pretty happy with the current animatic until we get the group together and feedback from the class tomorrow. So I set about creating a short walk test animatic for our loveable Bimbo character. She has an interesting form with her separate pieces, and being the voluptuous sort she sways alot when she moves. I could have done this in Maya perhaps, but it is good to see how the 2D concept work can have a life into motion and thus feed further work in Maya. So the next step will be exactly that!

[Right-Click and chose play]

Maya Rigging and Skinning
James passed on this super video of a character rig with a very nifty set of manipulators, not just for the macro movements, but also for facial expressions. It all looks so simple when you see a finished product like this – I would love to be able to take a concept like this and see if it could be applied to other logics entirely.
The video is from Victor Vinyals’ site 4 where he shows off what he can do.
The images below grabbed from the video are from the first part with a fully rigged character which is quite inspiring. After that we get a look at his elephant and a handful of other characters which are awesome as well.

[screengrabs from Victor Vinyal’s reel 4]

Victor’s base site 4 has an animated short as well showing the fun a little dino-dragon thing might have after stepping on some chewing gum. I cant wait to get to see what we will be producing in the MDM at the end – should be quite a ride.

Blog Referencing
Since I grabbed zotero for referencing here and for my MDM work, there have been plenty of examples where I ave no idea how to reference them. A good example is a list of useful links, or a movie reference where the film is the primary reference, but I might provide a link for people or indeed a youtube snippet or trailer link – do I ref them all?

I did find a useful guide to blog referencing by Duncan on Blog Herald 5 which suggests referencing like this, though I added the superscript referencing to enhance it further. The logic of including the blog link inline, pretty much as I have been doing is also covered in other areas. The 1001 Reflections blog 6 has some examples of this, though I think the Duncan method works more nicely with integration with zotero.

This day shouldn’t go past without a little homage to the nice ITness of the number 256. could talk a little about base2 and bytes etc – but Gray Watson does it nicely enough 7

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