300 movie
Watched the DVD through on my mac today actually and that was actually quite a nice way to see it. The whole experience was actually less stylised than I expected (particularly after seeing Sin City only a few days beforehand). That said there was a definitively unique feel to the whole thing, the colour treatment, the shot selections etc. I always liked this famous story of the Spartans holding against the Persian horde. Though my memory of the Spartans and Athenians is a little different. For example I recall the Spartans all taking time before the fight to do their hair and get ready. Plus things I have learnt recently about their culture is scarier still, with wives dressing as men to get the attention of their husbands etc. Oh and there are several bits that remind one of the Lord of the Rings films (bad guys, elephants, audio and even David W himself)
Anyhow, the movie is a blast and really very memorable (that under-sells it actually – its awesome).
Some links to note:

The Trailer is nothing short of stunning actually – perhaps setting peoples expectations up too high. Infact Trailers are a wonderful art form in themselves!!

Page to Screen
For comparison of Frank Miller’s graphic novel and Zack Snyder’s film check out the page put together on Solace in Cinema (http://www.solaceincinema.com/2006/10/04/300-comic-to-screen-comparison/). This shows that the film borrows some beautiful moments from the Miller’s work, but also reinterprets things in ways that develop the ideas.

Actually the whole things makes me feel like running outside and yelling “WE ARE SPARTA” 🙂

Sketch Ideas
Got the take-home exam for Screen Culture today and spent some time thinking up character concept ideas for 3D Project 2. The paper-people and snooker-balls are kinda fun.