Another Compositing Spot

I took another set of images for an indoor composite with lotsa cute fluffy toys left about after the kid’s party 🙂 The logic of this setting is much simpler to replicate and get an object or two of my own into.

[image from the set showing the gray ball this time]

Maya superheroine tute continues
There is definatively an art to modelling with polys as this tute process reveals. There is no static procedure that can be followed to arrive at a wonderful model – simply guidelines and some principles.
In the same way that very minor changes in linework and positioning in a cartoon or drawing can have a significant impact on the reading or quality of the result – so to I am seeing this in the 3D character modelling. If I get the shape out by what seems like nothing the result is quite a different feeling character – this is accentuated by working with a human figure, but the issue would be present for any model I would think.
I have played a little with adding detail here using the ref image below which is altogether too low-res for this task – but was a start. Plus I am stil intrigues by sub-divs – the render here is using a proxy sub-div without any further work – kinda nifty.

[where I am after another night working on her]

Reference Image sites
The site ( seems to be the definative source of reference images – pity it isnt free for me then. This same site goes by a few other names as well with things like anatomy for artists in the name somewhere.

But the Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists ( site seems to have plenty to offer me at low res which is a good place to start.

[image from the Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists site]

3D Site
This site has a wealth of 3D tutorials many of which delve into the sphere I am trying to get into through the MDM 3D Maya course at present. Here are some to get started:
Female Anatomy Tute:
Face Texturing:

The mesmer tute
This is another suggested as part of the 3D Maya class actually. The modelling target here is more cartoony – but it covers plenty of ground in terms of modelling logic and types. (Navigate tutorials: databased tutorial > Maya Character Modelling for Games)

ImagineFX tute
I wonder where my latest ImagineFX issue is – seems to be slow sometimes. Anyhow, the site has tutes in this realm of course like this one:
I include this one here as a reference of difference as the model comes straight into Poser here and shows what can be done with perilously little effort if one takes this road.

[pic from the ImagineFX tute]