Maya Tute
My ongoing work on the Superheroine tutorial. The logic of working with quads and entertaining any thoughts of keeping them planar seem beyond me at present. I also struggle to keep my meshes working for me in terms of joins etc. There always seem to be oddities that seem to take ages to work around. I am geting more comfortable with the generic process.
I found that despite the seemingly logical manner in which I created things – along the way some areas had reversed normals – eeek. So after fixing that a bunch of issues were easily fixed and on I went with actually modelling – YAY.

This is where I am heading – well trying to – Ant has done a nifty job and with the re-aligning of the vertices it really looks good even with no texture at all. This comes from here.

[Inspirational image of Ants final version of the tute model from his site]

And this is where I am upto now. The image shows where I ended up with the rectilinear vertex arrangement at least resembling the form.

[image of where I am upto on the Ant tute]

I Watched Pixars mighty Cars ( on TV – just as good as I remembered it. The animation, modelling, rendering and effects work is simply inspired as we have come to expect from the Pixar dudes.
This “A Route 66 Guide to the Cars Movie” article has some nice images from the film relating them to actual cars, scenery and architecture as well:
There are so many ekelent bits in the film that are showcase work in this digital realm that it is hard to pick them out. I will have to get the DVD and drool over the extra features someday.
Here are a few inspiration images that I got from

[image from the Cars movie from the Pixar site]

I find myself at chapter 16 of the Deathly Hollows now that other family members are giving me a turn. This last hurrah for Harry is a real ride so far, full of intrigue, emotion and exposition.