Gmod Scripting
Well, Gmod brings LUA scripting to the table, the same scripting as WoW actually which will bring some comonality to our purpose. I am not sure where all the good info is on how to get started with LUA scripting in GMod – but I hope it is somewhere. Is being able to build in some Architectural tools into the 3D interface would be a great step forward. Plus we could de-militarise the interface and add libraries more appropriate to design and visualisation.
We discussed in detail some of the tasks before us in this regard, a tough but exciting road for us to travel.

I am very new to this world, there is no doubt there. So lets start with a classic:
A Few Good G-Men
Check it out on ( where the author Randall Glass has some info on what he was doing. The scene from A Few Good Men is just one of those great cinematic moments and having it brought to re-life through HL2 brings it to a place I am keen to explore. Just had to watch it a few times – lovely. ( has plenty more to offer though using a whole raft of software including WoW, the SIMS, etc etc etc and some more HL2 ones like:
I’m Still Seeing Breen (
The Fallen (