Graz Gallery

Had a quick look at the Wikipedia ( entry for the Kunsthaus Contemporary Art Gallery in Graz, Austria. Think Blue alien in an old city and you get the idea. I love the animated facade, which brings the entire thing to life like some kind of living sea sponge even. Having a multimedia facade is a great way to bring art outside the gallery – clever! Google Earth doesnt have a good image of the city, so I cant see it from there – drat. Also check out

[2 images from the Wikipedia page for the Gallery]

TrueSpace etc
Both TruePlace and TrueSpace (by Caligari seem to be very much in the Second Life vain. Though they may come at the same thing from slightly different perspectives, the end result seems to be the same – certainly not a grand new vision for this emerging tech area. They also have GameSpace which is a different animal designed for game developers (entry level) and could be entertaining.
I was planning on installing this and having a look – but I have been underwealmed and will skip it for now.


Decided to check out the work of Skan Srisuwan today – I loved the article covering his work in ImagineFX and the site showcases these same pieces and a couple more. His gallery on CGSociety ( is inspirational for me – I really love imagery like this with complexity and a real outward expression of the sheer amount of work (plus talent) involved.
Here are some of them for us all to drool over:

[images from Skan Srisuwan’s gallery on CGSociety]

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