Hammering in metric??

It is time to start work on a model of the Red Centre in Half-Life 2 using Hammer and whatever other tools become appropriate as I go along. I had a bit of a play with how to go about this and am not happy with the whole imperial units garbage. I really really dont want to have to switch everything from metric to get this task done. A bit of google searching hasnt revealed anything more than it being on peoples lists of requested features 🙁
I wonder if there is another way…
OK, a quick search of the same thing for Doom3 doesnt hint at whether it can do metric either. This tute (http://doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=160978&sid=74d1e1e394125ff06ababc6230b41bfb) for building a brick archway is all using Max – but is set to metric which might be a clue. Even if it cant do metric, at least if you can model in Max then bring everything into Doom3 that would be fine (maybe better).
Need to look into this some more now! Since UT2004 can use Max models just plonked into it – perhaps this has some value as well. If only the UT3 engine was here for us already!!
Lebbeus Woods
This New York Architect has some very interesting ideas on a host of social and spacial areas. His work (as Russell points out) has lots in common with the imagery from Half-Life 2 – in particular the invasion of the combine architecture upon the historic seen throughout the game.
These images from the HL2 site (http://half-life2.com/media.html) show the combine’s hard, cold, metallic invasion of the rustic local venacular.
[screenshot and concept art from the half-life 2 site]
These images show some of Lebbeus Woods sketches (http://www.uturn.org/Arttech/index.htm) and the style he has – there are other images around, but all are kinda poor to repost here.
[scans of Lebbeus work – available through many sites at this quality]
Registration for CeBIT (http://www.cebit.com.au/) is all organised now for the start of May. I havent been to one of these sort of things for several years now and it will be great to attend with the enthusiastic folk from FBE.