A bunch more oinkfrog logo sketches. Well they are more oinkfrog caricatures than logos now. The semi-robotic ones are super-fun to draw.

Watched the first EP of the Thunderbirds today. It is quite beautiful how they build a world that has since been so realised in reality and now digitally in much bigger budget productions. Things are simple, yet for their time revolutionary and complex.
Making a 3D It version of some of the ideas could be fun as one of my learning exercises.

XMen3 – watched on DVD for the first time since seeing it at the cinema quite some time ago. The effects integration is quite beautiful and really brings all their powers to life for us. The story perhaps tries to do too many things with too many characters, but some of the ideas are still pretty good, the line between the good/bad is so blurry that it is gone altogether – all we are left with is individual points of view. The carnage that the movie wrought on the big players could make for some interesting follow-up movies though – even narrowing the conflict down to a few rather than having all the big names on show. Having then survive in the aftermath of EP3 would be interesting in itself.

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