Showed SL and Garry’s Mod to Steve, he seemed much more enthused by HL2’s possibilities, but hopefully he will have a look himself at SL as it was running pretty badly for me. Garry’s Mod is truly amazing, the capabilities of the engine and the cleverness of the objects like the balloons, thrusters, pulleys, ropes and with the physics it is an amazing place. I am checking to see of PM and JC are interested from a structures perspective.

Started on the sketchup tutes – it is fun to do them while watching the videos. Very clever piece of software. The link to Googles library is very nifty as well.

Finished the colouring of the mermaid – the effects are coming together now, even with souch a rough sketch. I like the moodiness of this piece and it is starting to look watery. Even the hair is beginning to get a nice floatiness to it.

[journeytime = 3.5 hours]