Welcome to Graham Hannah’s playground for creative projects, pixels and polygons.

A digital designer/creator for visualisation, simulation, education and immersive experiences through freelance and startup roles. Beyond that I still like to flex my skills in management, art and teaching while exploring new technologies.

I gravitate towards projects that do some good (wellbeing, education and fun) – be they startups like Mental Massages or personal projects. Collaboration is pretty fundamental to everything I do – get in touch if you have something we can work on together.

All this builds upon my 25+ years of IT strategy, business partnering, service management and delivery into specialised areas of the University of New South Wales (UNSW). I proudly led the digital evolution for areas like Architecture, Planning, Industrial Design, Media and Law which involved running teams and delivering projects and services to enhance the Teaching, Research, Administration and Outreach of this premiere Organisation.

In case it wasn’t obvious, OINKFROG is the creative name I have been working under for such a long time now – it is only me though I love working/playing with others.

Blog Posts

ARPIA Cartographer Award

Yes, the ARPIA (Australian Role Playing Industry Awards) for 2019 were held in Melbourne recently where co-RPGer & friend Mikhail's groovy game The Facility picked up a pair of awards for best digital product as well as the map I did for him grabbing best cartography. I highly recommend people have a look at the game as it has some groovy…

Vixiv, Qwyn and Snug

This post is primarily about some fun character 2D artwork I have done over recent times - but perhaps a little exposition on why might be nice context. I love our 13th Age tabletop RPG campaign so so much, but something happened to my character which created a big rift between him and the party. So after some dramatic interactions I retired…

The Facility

The Facility is a brand new little tabletop RPG from the mind of good friend Mikhail Bonch-Osmolovskiy right here in Sydney. It's a 'body horror reverse dungeon crawl metroidvania' one-shot game and adventure with a unique twist on the usual roleplaying experience. I had the pleasure of playtesting this baby as well as providing all the artwork…

Digital Sculpting Inspiration via Supanova

I just did one full day of Supanova Sydney with another to come tomorrow - and as always it is a feast for the senses. There are crowds, cosplay, queues, vendors, artists, panels, games, famous folk and creators just getting their feet wet. One of the things that I love to see are the various figurines of our favourite heroes from screen, page and…

Pots to Presents

One of the things I have been enjoying most is creating and 3D printing special pots with the intent that with some lovely succulents or similar plants added they will make for some unique presents/gifts for people. There are a swarm of ideas that might form part of this, but to get things started I have some pots with cute legs, with blobby bits,…

Dice Curse Die

We have been having lots of fun in our Tabletop RPG 13th Age game but last week we had some truly cursed dice rolling as a group. The standout was our mighty monk player who rolled so so many 1s plus a few 2s and 3s to keep them company. She did make a few slightly higher rolls at unimportant moments, but as so much of our fate was in her hands in…

Mental Massages Intro

I have been having a great time in the early stages of co-creating the Wellbeing VR Experiences with the Mental Massages team. Check out the website at www.mentalmassages.com for all the details of how we are using our combined expertise to bring together Mental Health and Virtual Reality for individuals, clinicians, education and corporate…

X-Wing 2E

I am super happy after finally taking the step to upgrade our Star Wars X-Wing tabletop game to 2.0 - yay. I have been keeping up with streams/shows from the likes of Gold Squadron, Hairy Nick and a host of others, but it felt odd when we would play and go back to first edition. Well no longer! With the 3 main conversion kits we are able to field…

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SPACESHIP!!! The Galaxy Explorer came out in 1979 and is one of the most popular LEGO Space sets ever! #LEGOMastersFOX https://t.co/OpyCbrKOOc Oinkfrog photo
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I've written quite a lot of GM advice in Heart but I'm especially happy to be championing Talking Like A Normal Person https://t.co/u1pwJKRh50 Oinkfrog photo
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"The narrow-minded Piltovans know only gears and metal, and cannot appreciate the delicate art in every stem, every petal, every cell of my cultivair. I will craft them an undeservedly graceful doom." https://t.co/jsDWjgF7EM Oinkfrog photo
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Here's my full painting for Venomous Hierophant for Theros! #MagicTheGathering Had a ton of fun painting all these SNEKS https://t.co/l5DmqmbpIn Oinkfrog photo
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You're never too young to be a Dah Wahs fan. Please hug your 20-month-old daughter for me!
Love always, Goop https://t.co/8XvZghRTbF
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“Called this one the ‘flying garage’. For #SoloAStarWarsStory. Eventually evolving into the AT-hauler.” - Lucasfilm design supervisor James Clyne #StarWars
https://t.co/fjjrNYRW4a https://t.co/NiJjvw5eCt
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