RPing and Larger Groups

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  • Totally agree. Six players is tough, I did a summer gaming group for 4th Edition D&D at my workplace with six players and it was a tough gig, especially with that game's complexity and constant rules referencing.

    We ran d6 System (original Star Wars RPG) for a couple weeks, and that worked better for a group that size. The less reference and the more you can play straight off character sheets with simple rules and straight dice rolls, the better it was for us.

    My group enjoyed story-based play a lot as well, the rules never kept them coming back but 'what happened next' always did. Even at that size, the story slices were pretty thin, but the teamwork and shared experience was a huge draw.

    Feng Shui 2 looks awesome, wow, nice buy there. I would love to know more about it if you have the time to share.

    Great post, I follow along and love your blog.

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