When I grabbed 2 boxes of Pathfinder Pawns some time ago, one of the ideas that they invited for me was being able to create my own custom ones using illustrations or downloaded pics of various sorts. So I just did a quick test to see how easy it is.
I actually did a 5 second pen drawing of a blobby thing, wrapped the piece of paper around an existing pawn and it came to life just like that. This might allow me to create items or oddities on the fly even.
For the fangling, I printed off the drawing I did and you can see it here next to the real pawns from the NPC box. I mounted him on his own cardboard (spared no expense using folded toilet roll card) and then taped him up. You cant see here in the pic, but I even made his back a shaded grey inverted version of the image so you can see which way he is facing. I think I printed him out a touch too big, but maybe he is the savage pack leader fangling.

I think with some slightly better card and some glue will make perfect little pawns that can be all customised for our 13th Age setting and its special denizens. If people dont have minis for their heroes, then custom pawns for their characters would be great as well – I might test that next actually…