I have had my Galaxy Note 8 for a few weeks now I think (time flies) and one of the apps I use most is the Galaxy Note version of Sketchbook. The joy of having this light, portable and functional device is still strong, It is my Kindle reader, occasional Comixology reader, browser, note taker, game designer, sketcher and more. Definitely my favourite piece of technology at the moment.

Here are some simple compilations of the more recent sketches done in Sketchbook while hanging on the couch (currently working our way through the X-Files). I still have plenty to learn about using the tools effectively, but I am enjoying using the software instead of the paper A5 sketchbook.
You will see lots of LochMaiden concepts here, definitely fun to explore those ideas with the new toy.

I want to just throw this pic in here as well (even if Cybele kills me) – she threw this together just having a play with the device – lovely work. One of the gripes we have is the touch buttons at the bottom for the ‘return’ and ‘context menu’ are easy to hit when sketching for unexpected results. Using the device upside down means covering the light sensor – oh well.