Batman is a remarkable creation and the various TV and film adaptations all have their qualities that add to the phenomenon. One of the interesting design elements, which draws on all that sweet batiness is the mighty batmobile. With the exhibition of all the movie vehicles (and the classic from the tv series) on display at SD ComicCon it seems like a sane time to look a little closer, admire some concept art and check out some other designs.

The SDCC Exhibition – it would have been super to see this little treat, 5.5 batmobiles all together and showing off a suite of approaches to the Dark Knights transport needs. It really frustrates me how negative commenters can be on posts like the coverage from Collider – are people really holding that much disgust about the creative work of  these designers that they need to spew their words out there for all to see. I think it is very healthy to see things with a critical eye and to have things we like most, but these are batmobile designs and I believe all of them are very cool and are powerful contributors to the various aesthetics of each film/series.
Anyhow, check out the Collider article for more images etc and various batmobile stats, but here are the 5 batmobiles on display. I think my fav is still the 60’s tv series one as I have fond childhood memories of the show and even had a die cast metal version of the car – who knows where that is now, but it was very cool.

[SDCC 2012 Batmobile Exhibition via Collider]

If we are looking at the Batmobile though, a nice resource is which has collected together information from the length and breadth of Batmobile appearances since 1941. There have been many batmobiles of course, as Jim Lee showcased in Hush. The Batman Wikia has a nice visual gallery of the various batmobiles from these sources as well. ComicVine’s batmobile imagery is a wealth of fun as each persons take on the concept brings a different focus.

To wrap up, check out the 2011 Batmobile design competition entries on CarDesignFetish. Here are a few of the cooler entries from my perspective, but check the site for lots more. I like the extension of the intimidation idea in these ones, the batmobile isnt just about being a fast car, it is about expanding the persona, and projecting the menace that the batman brings to the criminal element of Gotham.

[Batmobile contect imagery via CarDesignFetish]