After many short dabbles in the 3D model rendering space dominated by Daz (studio and products) and Poser I get plenty of emails which show off the latest models and imagery. What always impressed me was the quality of the human models themselves and how easy they make it for artists who dont want to be modellers to create.
There probably will always be the Max/Maya crowd who look down on these products and works with disdain, but I like to think of them more as an easy alternative, in much the same way as Sketchup isnt a full CAD package either – but is still awesome.

So that little piece of editorial thinking is just an excuse to have a little look at some of the works coming out of artists wielding these packages at the moment. These images all came from the Renderosity and Daz galleries and look great. Full credit to the individual artists, just collaged together here:

I really like the eyes (girls and guys) so they feature perhaps a little too much in these images. I should really have done this properly so I could credit all the right people – please dive into the galleries so you can find their work and much more besides.

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