Some of the more interesting technology things that caught my eye of late

Kinect Fusion

This video shows another powerful example of how people are using tools like the kinect to achieve things that were perhaps the domain of zillion dollar projects previously. What is not to love about this – allowing software/computers to see our environment in live 3D and model that for us == gold.

Asus Transformer

There is a new teaser video for the upcoming Asus Transformer to be armed with Android 4 and some cool looks…


Here is a quick video of the changes coming for GMail, Google has a whole set of interesting things coming our way including the Google Music store and the wonders of Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Mouse Without Borders

This Microsoft Garage application lets us draw together multiple computers and their screens into a more seamless experience. Having all the displays liked with copy’n’paste and more flowing between them is very cool. I havent got around to playing with Mouse Without Borders yet – but the idea could work for my 2 laptops…

OCZ 1TB Laptop SSDs

One of the tricks (apart from the giant cost hike) with SSDs has been their size. Well now we have guys like OCZ bringing big SSDs out and in the laptop form factor so our portable machines can now bring our data along for the ride as well.


Using a Cintiq tablet is a real joy, with a decent computer the feel of the device is really enjoyable. The relatively new Wacom Cintiq 24HD is a big one, but oozes class and features.

[Wacom Cintiq24HD promo images via the official site]


Now that I have upgraded from my iPhone3G (which was taking a full week to load up some apps like the messages one) things are all gloriously speedy, crisp, lushous and there are new features to boot. Why I should be excited about finally being able to flag my email is kinda dumb, but at least now I can. Maybe the only thing (apart from ongoing silliness between Apple and Samsung) that had me stay on the iPhone side was that I do use iTunes alot and would be more keen if gifted with a good alternative.
I havent had a chance to play with all the new features of the iPhone4s yet, but the new camera I am certainly looking forward to…