A mixed bag post here, just some things I felt needed a little air-time.

I have to start with this super poster from Disney that brings together the Muppets and Cap (via FirstShowing).
[Disney’s Muppets promo poster]

Now, what is not to love about lego, rubik’s cubes, robots and smart phone apps – bring them together and we get things like the CubeStormerII.

I like having models of things on my shelves and one source of such things are the Bandai kits. The GundamModelKits site covers them in great detail and shows how cool they are. I only have a few of the little squat ones, but they are fun to build (even with the kids) and have a nice/dramatic design aesthetic (see also Collect3D)

[Bandai model imagery via GundamModelKits and Collect3D]

What the community can do with the mighty CryEngine2 is superb, but seeing the CryTek staff playing with shaders and more complex effects is very cool – like Cry-Styves work shown in these images (see thread).

[Cry-Styves CryEngine shader images]

Lastly these videos look like they will be cool – showing a Unity Project from start to fin!!!!