After being inspired by the more local SMASH, I had to head out to Olympic Park to see the full-on spectacle of Supanova. While pre-paid was still a good plan, there was a gigantic queue for them as well. So so so many people, but a super atmosphere as everyone is just so happy to be joining in. On the trip in, getting closer the anticipation grows as the number of costumes increases as everyone converges on the Dome.

My entrance was in through the signing hall, where the vast snaking queues led up to the likes of Tom Felton, James Masters, Barbara Eden and more. I didnt explore this side of things, but it did involve getting merchandise, token and then a wait (long wait). I spent my time sitting in on the Seminars and Talkfests, plus meandering through the large exhibition hall featuring all manner of comic creators/retailers, robotics guys, collectible traders, gaming and so forth. All of this takes place amongst an incredible array of costumes as the cosplay is such a feature of the event, made me feel rather slack pottering around in just my Buffy the Vampire Slayer t-shirt.

Some highlights of my day:

David Finch QA
Small room conversational Q&A session with comic megastar David Finch who talked through his work on the new Batman Dark Knight after his recent move to DC for this very reason. He covered how challenging it was to write, even though he brought a very visual approach to the task. He talked about how comics are a much more writer driven business now, with companies using the medium as R&D for other ventures like film and gaming.

Comic Artists Drawing
The Kings Comics booth had a simple line of these comic gods which were doing commissions and signings for people, I however just stood there and watched them do their stuff – inspirational. Intriguingly other people in the area or lining up just seemed to want the finished work or the sigs, didnt seem at all interested in the craft itself. I was mesmerised seeing David Finch, Billy Tan, Nicola Scott and Dave Johnson working their pencils, pens and markers. Fascinating to see their style, David Finch was fast and filled pages with light and shadow, Billy Tan was very measured and precise and Nicola Scott more tonal with her markers.
This was a great thing to see – wish I could have stood there all day (felt a little like a stalker 🙂

Amy Acker and Gareth David-Lloyd
Q&A session on the big screen with the Amy Acker from Angel and Dollhouse. She is just like Fred, bubble and so naturally bursting into laughter as she happily answered all the crowd questions for all. I liked her ballet stories and all the info from the set of the series and her love for Joss Whedon’s creations.
Same thing later in the day with Gareth David-Lloyd from Torchwood who is more of a comedian that we might have thought, but loved answering the questions again. I sat next to a girl who flew in from Melbourne for the weekend, and met a few others who popped in as well – very big drawcard is the whole event.

Julie White and Neil Kaplan
This might have been another ordinary Q&A, but with the bubbly mum and the voice of Optimus Prime from Transformers – it was so much more. They both brought a very different perspective to questions about the films as well as their whole industry. They were cagey about the 3rd film but did day it was funny at the start before tearing Chicago to pieces in the second half and all in gorgeous proper 3D. Neil is a singular talent, pulling accents, voices and impressions out at the drop of a hat to illustrate the role of voice acting – remarkable.

There was just so much more, cant wait til next year now – how crazy is that…
I only took a few pics – check out Flickr etc for all those camera-armed peoples view of things (eg enzym and jackdoc101)

Edit – just adding a quick pic of some of the few images I did take – this post just wasnt graphical enough:

And a Video from the show by CyberSiren for good measure.