Lots of work on the Oinkfrog today.

After a few more touches to the parenting and controls for the foot I set about skinning him again. Note that because I parented the eyes into the rig they kept being skinned along with the actual skin, so I had to go back and unskin the lattices and eye geometry. For future reference perhaps a parent constraint rather than an actual parent would be better.

While skinning I also realised that I needed a better shoulder controller, so I added that and continued my merry way around the skin painting away.

I was working on the mouth and hands, but then popped down to have some fun with the tail. Again I noted that after skinning I needed a bit more rigging. I needed a controller for the scale of the main bone. This new controller in conjunction with the other allows for some pretty fun swishy springy tail movement.

I set about building driven keys for the mouth bones to get his nice HUGE smile to frown going. He feels much more animated and complete now that I have this big working. I did have to change the bone structure again to get the rig functioning more elegantly. So now there is a bone with no length that joins each side of the mouth to the bone in the middle of where his spine runs through his mouth.

Sculpt deformer time. I had to do quite a bit of experimenting to get something sensible with the sculpt deformer. There is an interesting relationship between the locator and the sculptor objects and I still feel that there can be some odd shading, but it is working and jiggling his Adam’s Apple is fun (just like his nose, belly and tail).