Browsing through the goodies on Inhabitat revealed a wealth of advancements on the electric car front which followed nicely from the extended discussion on the TWIT podcast around the Tesla. Our car is still zipping along fine, though each service seems to be reveal a decent amount of dollars that need to be spent. We have thought about hybrids like the mighty Toyota Prius or the new Honda Civic – but look at the future of electric.

Since we are kicking off with the Tesla – lets start with the expensive and powerful. The sporty styling belies the electric grunt under the hood and to push the idea, the second image shows how Keio University Eliica intents to take a shot at land speed records in style.

[Tesla image from their site and the Eliica from the Inhabitat article]

There are a growing armada of other electric cars and their hybrid cousins in various guises. No doubt Toyota will elevate the Prius soon enough, but the rest of the gang are bringing things to the table. You can read heaps more from even just the Inhabitat articles – but here are some of the (rather regular) looking new-comers. The Chevy Volt; The Chrysler 200C EV; The Cadillac Converj and the super BMW Mini-E. They may all look like regular cars, but they are certainly at the cool end of that scale and some of the interiors are dripping with geeky tech to match their new-age engines.

[images of the Chevy Volt, Chrysler 200C EV, Cadillac Converj and BMW Mini-E all via Inhabitat articles]

There is always more though, so lets look at a concept car which would actually clean the air while it drove around. If you can think how virtuous you may feel ripping around with an electric car, actually cleaning up the atmosphere is a pretty neat extension of that. The Green Apple concept car is a clever idea for sure. Lastly an image of a new charge point in San Jose for electric cars integrated with a streetlamp – cool ideas abound.

[Green Apple concept car image and chargepoint photo both via their Inhabitat articles]

One of the things I like about all of these, and why I like to cover them briefly here, is that they are all exhibiting new qualities of design and innovation and no-doubt there was lots of cool concept sketching, rendering and 3D modelling done along the way.

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