One of the interesting things in watching the various presenters setup on the stage, is the kit they use. There is still a significant dominance of the Mac platform. That said we did have Linux on a Dell, XP on an MBP and Vista in attendance to break up all the OSX machines.

Well – here goes Day2

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Adam Valdez, Animation Director, Visual Effects Supervisor
Moving Picture Company (MPC) London

A great tour of Adam’s work concentrating on the capability of MPC with lots of technical, shot and animation detail from Prince Caspian. He mentioned that Jurassic Park was something like 90 CG shots, compared with well over 1000 for Prince Caspian, all with significantly more complexity delivered in far less time.I was interesting to hear him talk about how people perceive rough or work in progress images and animations. If you put details in, then they imply completeness and the specific piece may be conveying rough blocking etc. This comes up in Architecture with respect to rough design work as well – if you have colours and textures – then people will see them.
What’s Up with Dr. D?
Brett Feeney, Head of Production, Dr. D Studios

Good to hear from a new and nicely upcoming digital production company, much more of a total film creation house than a vfx outsourcing gang. They couldnt show us much at all relating to their current work but did mention the liked of Happy Feet2, Mad Max 4, Babe 3 and Justice League.
Black Water makes a splash 11.30am
John Biggins, DoP, David Nerlich, Co-Director & VFX Creator,
Michael Robertson, Producer

Another look at Digital cinematography – with a specific look at a really good looking scary croc film in “Black Water”. In comparison to many of the other productions this was done on a negative budget – very impressive.