Johnny Lee has created some really clever adaptations (hacks) using the Wii remote to create an interactive whiteboard and a VR style head tracking display. His TED talk is quite special where he shows off both these things to a standing ovation. We will definitely have to try both these things here in FBE as I am hoping/assuming we will be able to use the same tech on our large format screens as well. In the second vid he shows how to create the Minority Report style fingers-in-the-air interaction as well.

There – completely incredible. Johnny Lee has the apps for free on his website for us as well – now to just find the time.

Lets let him have one more piece of fun though – tracking with infrared dots again – but this time with various foldable, moveable, tiltable etc display surfaces. It’s like live special effects in action. He blogs on blogspot as well – check it out.