I have always really loved the comic styling of Joe Mad (Joe Madureira) and have fond memories of Battle Chasers in particular. JoeMadFan is the best place to start exploring his dynamic work spanning comics, concept design work and particularly video game art at present.

Here are some Battle Chasers sketches to both bring back some memories and get you in the mood for his new work on Darksiders. These comic development sketches are from the Gallery on JoeMadFan where you can also find finished works as well (note the site has higher res):

[Joe Mad imagery from Battle Chasers via the JoeMadFan site]

He has had a hand in a few video games – in a promo type way – like these examples:

[Joe Mad video game imagery from the JoeMadFan site]

The reason to check out Joe Mad again follows on from this with his new venture on Darksiders. This new console-based game is in development and brings Joe’s visual work to a game world filled with angels, demons and more. Lets check out 3 more Joe Mad illustrations then in 3 videos we can see these come to life with glimpses of modelling, rendering and final cinematics in a very dynamic and visual game. There are more – you just have to check them out on JoeMadFan. Oh and following that are 3 screenshots from the Darksiders site showing how these translate – I so want to be able to do this.

[Joe Mad Darksiders imagery from the JoeMadFan site]

[Screenshots from Darksiders from the site]