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Sam, Glitterfrog and Blackboots
Another post for the trio of characters from our SotDL tabletop RPG game. I realised that my laptop (Razer Blade Pro) is showing everything SUPER intense so for regular screens […]
SotDL Characters
I have had a really fun time playing these characters in our filler SotDL tabletop RPG. The pic here is of Sam the Hero and his two ‘imaginary’ friends, pixies […]
RPG Update
I am currently blessed with Tabletop RPG goodness 2 nights a week, so that brings with it many revelations regarding systems, gameplay, narrative and fun – so why not take […]
Business Cards
Yeah I know this isn’t the most exciting post showing off animated 3D models whirling in VR, it is just my new business cards. That said, I haven’t actually made […]