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Star Warsy Goodness
Yay, it’s May the Fourth again and I am really loving being a Star Wars fan/nerd right now. It is certainly a rich time for the franchise across a whole […]
Winter Sketch and Critical Role
I just did this little pic of Winter the Storm Druid, didn’t quite come out the way I intended – but it is a pic none the less. He is […]
Tears of the Underdark
Our Tuesday night Tabletop RPG group is currently enjoying some D&D 5E and our little band of adventurers is going by the name of the ‘Tears of the Underdark’. This […]
Sam, Glitterfrog and Blackboots
Another post for the trio of characters from our SotDL tabletop RPG game. I realised that my laptop (Razer Blade Pro) is showing everything SUPER intense so for regular screens […]